Sunday, April 18, 2010

We're back!

Finally FINALLY getting caught on comics!

I'm missing bits and pieces of "Necrosha" and "Utopia," but other than that, the X-Periment is back! That being said . . .

After "The Reckoning" (Wolverine Origins) and "Second Coming," I'm done. After 18 years of reading and collecting X-Men, I've just lost interest. "Second Coming" hasn't been too bad thus far, but I'm just not as interested as I used to be. A lot of it has to do with the current marathon of events in the X-Titles. A lot has to do with Matt Fraction's boring-ass writing. So, when "Second Coming" comes to an end in August (right?), I'll be doing a review. A final review.

I may, as time permits, go back and clean up some of these reviews and/or revisit some stories. But we'll see. I have a little Mutant on the way now and that takes priority over everything.

If you've stuck around this long, then I certainly appreciate it. See you soon!


Uncanny X-Periment # 155: Manifest Destiny - SFX

Uncanny X-Men # 500 (Epilogue Two) -503, X-Men: Legacy # 215-216

The X-Men are still settling into the San Francisco scene. We’re given a little more detail as to how things operate out there. Warren is apparently footing a lot of the bill. Despite the peace Marin offers the X-Men, a gang called the Hellfire Cult has struck and attacked Pixie following a Dazzler concert. The X-Men track down the Hellfire Cult to a warehouse, where they find that Empath is controlling them. Wolverine and Nightcrawler are unable to stop him, but Pixie shows up (after previously running away) and nails Empath with her soul-dagger. While this was happening, Scott was having mind-sex with who he thought was Emma . . . but when he sees Madelyn in a club later, he realize that he had mind-sex with her . . . and that she’s alive!

Shortly after this, Professor X stops by and tries to find out if Scott has anything Sinister-related stuff left in his head. Scott rejects his help and Emma stops by to deep scan Professor X’s mind for Sinister. She finds none, but forces Professor X to confront the past mistakes he made and the mind-altering things he did to the X-Men. After all this and Xavier comes out clean (and is given back the memory of Moira dying), he tells Scott just how much he respects him and how glad he is that he’s running the X-Men.

The Hellfire Cult story is the stronger out of the two, though it certainly has it’s weaknesses. It’s way over-sexed. I really wish I could delete knowing that Empath is into hard-core S&M from my memory. Granted, I did like that he was an actually threat now instead “oh, now you feel tired” or whatever. The X-Men themselves come off a little off their game to me – almost like they’re still trying to find their way around the San Francisco and haven’t exactly figured out where all the cool bad guy hang outs are. Other than that, the X-Men spend a lot of time strutting around, acting rich and awesome.

I’m really not sure how I feel about Pixie. There’s a feeling I’m getting from the core X-titles that they’re trying to make her into Kitty 2.0 (or Jubilee 2.0 or Angel 2.0 or Armor 2.0). I’m not exactly convinced this is the best move for Pixie, as I would rather her break out of that mold.

As for the Xavier/Scott/Emma meeting, there’s much to be desired. That Charles is happy for Cyclops and glad to see the X-Men in his good hands is one thing; it’s just that the story itself is dry and lacking any real sort of emotional meat to it is another.