Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming in May . . .

Reviews will resume next month. Promise!

Divided We Stand
Manifest Destiny
Original Sin
Secret Invasion

and in June (tenatively):

And in eventuality:
Dark Reign: Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men
War of Kings
Messiah War

In terms of Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men, it's really a matter of how that ties into Dark Reign and if it looks like it'll all fit together. I've got a lot of factors to work with here. One is money, but I just got a new job and that should help matters quite a bit. The other is just seeing where things are. I haven't been able to pick up comics in a while, so we'll play things out this weekend when I can finally afford comics again (yay!).

I'm also toying around with the idea of doing a pre-X-Men series of reviews. Stuff like "Magneto: Testament," those X-Men origin stories from the Silver Age, a re-review of "Children of the Atom," and maybe a few others. This might mean some money on my part, but that's not a problem. Thoughts?

Also, if I get really bored and end up with more cash in the near future, I might do other X-Men series. I have a full run of Generation X and I'd like to try re-reading all those. I may (at some point in the next whatever) try and get some more issues of New Mutants, X-Force, Cable, etc. for review. I can normally find some of those in $1.00 bins. So we'll see where things end up.

Stay tuned . . . please . . .