Monday, May 04, 2015

The four films I want to see after Age of Ultron (but won't happen) *SPOILERS!*

Like the title says, these are four films I would love to see  in the aftermath of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Since we know what's really coming and I'm sure the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in fantastic hands, it's a guarantee we won't see these.  But there's nothing wrong with mindless speculation!


Loosely based on the award winning run by Matt Fraction, an old enemy (maybe Taskmaster) uncovers Hawkeye’s secret farm and attacks it.  Hawkeye gains the upper hand – but the farm is a total loss.  So, until they can rebuild, he moves the family to New York City (partially to be closer to Avengers Tower in case trouble comes around again).  After Barton learns that the landlord of his new apartment home is a scumbag, he buys the building, angering the local Russian mob (bro).  Hilarity ensues.  Co-starring Aubrey Plaza as Kate Bishop, troubled college student turned amazing archer.

Hulk: The Hunted
Hulk/Banner is on the run, hunted this time not by the military, but by super-heroes and super-villains.  The Black Panther is after him for devastating Wakanda; Black Widow is tracking him for closure and security; and the Hulk is being secretly manipulated by the Leader.  Also, Hulk spends most of the movie as the Hulk.  It’s rare that we see Banner.  Bring Liv Tyler back in as Betty and add in Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird (from Agents of SHIELD) because more = better?

New Avengers
Cap leads a new team of Avengers (seen at the end of the AOU: Falcon, War Machine, Vision, Scarlet Witch) along with Ant-Man, in a mission against a revived A.I.M.   We get to see MODOK, Scientist Supreme, and (shockingly) the Red Skull!

Black Widow
Finally in her own film, we not only get more backstory on Natasha's past, but we watch her kick ass against desperate Hydra forces, AIM, and the Hand.  It would follow-up on the events of New Avengers and Hulk: The Hunted, seeing her go head to head with the one, true Mandarin!  With Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury.