Thursday, January 01, 2009

Uncanny 2009

Hello all!

My apologies on a lack of up-date. It has simply been a time factor that has kept me from up-dating. Obviously, I'm trying to get everything organized in terms of continunity. And, also, I just haven't had the time -- I got married in September and being married takes a surprisingly large amount of time.

You'll hopefully see an up-date in the next few weeks. I'm waiting for "X-Force: Angels and Demons" to get out in trade paperback, as I don't want to spend extra bucks on a damn hardcover. But we'll see.

I plan on doing some re-reading of recent events, because I've found that with so much time passing between X-Periments, I tend to lose perspective in the overall X-Men timeline.

Anyways, as I'm figuring out the continunity, here's what I'm seeing the run-down is. I'm not including "Ghost Box" because that story isn't done. You'll probably see it (and I'm not kidding) in 2010. Eek.

Red Data
Endangered Species

Messiah CompleX
Divided We Stand
Manifest Destiny
Original Sin
Secret Invasion
Messiah War?

So, just stop back here every now and then, if you will. Feel free to peruse the archieves, though they kinda suck grammer/spelling wise. Hopefully, as time goes on, I'll get a clearer idea as to how to organize these crazy titles.