Friday, July 25, 2014

Uncanny X-Periment # 175: Breaking Point

The X-Men have a PR problem and its name is Magneto.   Magneto’s being on the island is a disaster waiting to happen.  So Kate Kildare, PR extraordinaire, comes to the rescue.  She has a great talk with Magneto, trying to get him from wanting the humans to fear and hate him to just fearing and not hating him.  Which is a problem, considering everything he has done.  Meanwhile, the X-Men are going after som former AIM agents who are able to predict in-coming earthquakes, but pretend to the ones causing it.  When an earthquake threatens to destroy San Francisco, Magneto rises to the occasion and saves the city.

Shortly after this, SWORD calls the X-Men in to help them when a warship full of Breakworlders arrive.  In turns out, after the X-Men’s last adventure there, the whole world went into chaos.  Kuurn is back with refugees seeking asylum  on Earth.  The X-Men let them stay on Utopia with SWORD’s blessing.  However, Kuurn is after revenge and proceeds to attack certain X-Men, including Kitty.  He evens uses “Hope” on them (though the effects don’t last?  Not explained).   Eventually, Kuurn’s girlfriend uses magic to turn Kitty solid again and Kuurn is eventually defeated and learns a lesson.  The Breakworlders migrate to a rough part of San Francisco (?!) and live there.

After this adventure, Hope is captured by the Crimson Commando.  Wolverine goes after and saves her.  He reveals that the reason he’s kept her arm slength is that everyone is convinced she could go Phoenix and Wolverine is the only that can stop her.  She makes him promise he’ll be quick if he has to. 

Overall, I liked this.  Kieron Gillan has a great voice for these characters and knows how to write an entertaining yarn.  The Magneto and Hope/Wolverine stories are far better than the Breaking Point story.  Breaking Point felt very messy and convulted.  So how did the X-Men get their powers back?  There’s a population of aggressive aliens living in San Francisco, along with a fallen, bloodthirsty ruler?  What now?

Terry Dodson, Carlos Pacheco and Ibraim Roberson knock the art outta the park, though.  Each style features each story well.  Honestly, I would have been happier if Gillian had done some shorter story stuff; single issues, done-in-one stories.  Oh well.