Friday, January 01, 2010

Up-Date on Up-Date

I honestly don't know who even reads this anymore. That being said, as we enter into 2010, you can expect about the same pace on up-dates as you did in 2009. I'm currently working on lining up the continunity for the past year or so (mainly post-Secret Invasion).

To be truthful, I'm going to be dropping most of X-Books after "Second Coming." I'm extremely disenchanted with the franchise and I'm tired of spending money on books that show my favorite characters being assholes -- not to mention the lack of depth in these stories. I'll be a little more clear when we get to the stories at hand, though.

Here's what I'm think for the read order:

Manifest Destiny: SFX
Uncanny X-Men # 500 (rest of issue), 501-503, X-Men: Legacy # 215-216

Original Sin
Wolverine: Origins # 16-28, X-Men: Original Sin, X-Men: Legacy # 217, Wolverine: Origins # 29, X-Men: Legacy # 218, Wolverine: Origins # 30-32

Secret Invasion

Dark Reign
Uncanny X-Men # 504-505, Secret Invasion: Dark Reign, Uncanny X-Men Annual: Emma Frost, Uncanny X-Men # 506-507, Dark Reign: The Cabal, Dark Avengers # 1, Wolverine: Origins # 33-40

War of Kings



Messiah War

Astonishing # 31-?

X-Men: Legacy # 219-225

Utopia: X-Men/Avengers crossover

Dark X-Men

Nation X
X-Men: Legacy Annual 2009, # 228-230
Uncanny X-Men 515-520?


Wolverine Origins conclusion

Second Coming

Sound about right? A lot of these are "wait for the trade," so that's why it might take a while